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Review and how to install Koha Integrated Library System

June 5, 2013

My needs A 400 person school wants a small and simple library system. We aren't a real library and don't need any advanced features. Check in and out books via barcode. Let students search online for books. Installing Koha Koha ...

My review of the Chromebook Pixel

April 21, 2013

I purchased a Chromebook Pixel two weeks ago. My goal is to replace my lightweight travel laptop and hulky System 76 with dedicated GPU. Thought I would share my experience. ChromeOS It's the only Linux computer I've used that successfully ...

Pure python - convert any spreadsheet format to list

February 13, 2013

If you ever import data in python, your probably need to convert ods, xls, etc to a python list. Here's a quick hack to support ods, xls, xlsx, and csv. I'll assume you just want the data from the list, ...

How to actually upgrade Joomla 1.5 to 2.5

January 27, 2013

Joomla 1.5 has no upgrade path to 2.5. If you are still using 1.5 you need to upgrade or you will get hacked. It's only a matter of when not if. However their upgrade path is utter garbage. It's broken ...

Puppet - managing desktop computers with awesome/sucky tools

January 24, 2013

Puppet is a configuration management tool. It can be used to manage desktop clients. You could compare it to Active Directory GPO, sort of. Instead of running bash scripts or whatever you tell Puppet what you want the clients to ...

Ubuntu 12.04 deployment with Active Directory

April 26, 2012

** Update 4/13 - Added winbind. Winbind is now my preferred solution. This is a follow up to my past post. I want to deploy 12.04 for what I consider a typical enterprise environment. That means centralized authentication, file shares, ...

Mail Merge in Libreoffice

August 10, 2011

Update 2013-08-20: Here is a bug report I submitted about unclear documentation. A less developer oriented post today. I find there to be an incredible lack of tutorials on how to mail merge in LibreOffice. So I made my own. ...

Linux and Active Directory round 2

September 16, 2010

* edit Jan 12 2010. Better more reliable scripts. * edit Oct 27th The netbook deployment went well this time. Feedback is generally that they have less problems than our Windows machines. Using Impress instead of MS powerpoint seems to ...

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