Contract Visual Designer

Burke Software is looking for a user experience designer and marketer to work on GlitchTip. GlitchTip is an open source error monitoring tool for websites and apps. The contract role would involve working with our front end developer to create prototypes consistent with GlitchTip’s branding and building the brand to attract more users.


About GlitchTip

Burke Software and Consulting makes revenue from consulting work. We have a deep interest in open source software and building sustainable revenue to fund open source.

GlitchTip is our latest open source project and started about a year ago. It is entirely self funded. We sell SaaS subscriptions and self hosting support plans. We’re trying different things between ads, branding, and talking with our existing users to attempt to sell these subscriptions. Our team is small and consists of a back end developer/founder and front end developer who is more focused on the technical side of website development and used to being handed designs to implement. That’s why we’re looking for someone who has an eye for design and doesn’t mind assisting with marketing, user experience, and graphic design.

Our timing and the nature of this work is very flexible. The total project size would be in the 10-20k range, at least initially. Check-ins would be expected during US Eastern business hours, at least weekly. To discuss, email