Meet the Team

Brendan Caricature

Brendan Berkley
Front End Web Developer Read bio

Brendan's passion for Web design was sparked by a summer class that yielded a Star Wars fan page. Over time, he has traded animated "E-mail me" GIFs, background MIDIs, and (reluctantly) <marquee> tags for CSS preprocessors and responsive Web design, and along the way he went to college to study graphic design.

As a result, he loves the open Web, typography, and identity design, and dabbles in the marketing side of things as well. If you'd like to get to know his work better, visit his website or his Twitter account.

Brendan resides just outside of Pittsburgh and thinks that his sports teams are superior to yours.
David Portrait

David Burke
Founder & Software Engineer Read bio

Founder of Burke Software. David got involved with education technology as a Jesuit Volunteer. He serves as the lead software engineer and was the original developer of Schooldriver and other open source applications. To view some of David’s work, visit the Burke Software GitHub page. David’s open source projects have been downloaded by thousands of people around the world.

David has been quoted in InformationWeek Education for his work building a 25 seat computer lab for $2000 and has been described as a “pioneer in terms of getting educational institutions to rethink how they use technology."