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Passit is an open source project that aims to build the most secure, trustworthy, and useful cloud-based password manager ever.

Contract Work

We offer a wide range of services on a wide range of platforms. Python, Node.js, Ruby, C#, Android, PHP, WordPress...you name it, we can handle it. Check out the work we've done and get in touch with us if you'd like us to help you tackle your challenge!

Open Source Projects

We release stuff that's helped us so hopefully it can help you. Also, we get more GitHub stars, which we love.

Nonprofit IT Consulting

We provide affordable IT management for your school or nonprofit.

Schooldriver (Django-SIS)

A full-featured, open-source school information system. Includes a wide range of pluggable apps to meet your school's needs.

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Front End Web Developer
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Founder & Software Engineer

Run anything in docker

December 30, 2014  //  David

I'm using docker for my own applications. I'd like to standardize my deployments, including apps that are not my own and not 12 factor. Docker hub is full of every application imaginable but most of just experiments that suggest not ...

Django Static files in Angular

December 27, 2014  //  Burke Software

ProblemIf you use staticfiles in django your files you could anywhere. Maybe S3 or maybe you're distributing a third party app and static files are wherever the user configures them to be. SolutionWe'll create a javascript function to work very ...

Welcome to our new and improved website!

September 16, 2014  //  Brendan

Burke Software has been undergoing a lot of changes in 2014. We've hired more people and done more work than ever before, and we have big things in store for the future. We felt like we needed a website to ...