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Collect every error from your project in real time, organize them to make them useful, and receive alerts when and where you want...without breaking the budget. GlitchTip is also open source, so you can view, modify, and use the code as you see fit.



Passit aims to build the most secure, trustworthy, and useful cloud-based password manager ever. Our code is open source, so anyone can learn how Passit works. Take your passwords to any online device and share them with others.

Contract Work

We offer a wide range of services on a wide range of platforms. Python, Node.js, Ruby, C#, Android, PHP, name it, we can handle it. Check out the work we've done and get in touch with us if you'd like us to help you tackle your challenge!

Canada New York

We introduced Wagtail CMS and fully manage it’s development and hosting.

La Aurora

Built custom Saleor based eCommerce site with highly complex tax and legal requirements. We contributed our changes back to the open source Saleor community. Built a custom NextJS front-end.


We assisted in the creation of a new Wagtail website for their brand.


Replatformed eCommerce based on Shopify, Django, and Angular.

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Vera Bradley's Pattern Playoff

We assisted in the creation of a Facebook-based contest.

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Lumber Liquidators

We worked on a minisite that showcases Before and After shots of Lumber Liquidators' customers' remodeled rooms.

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Green Key Resources

We updated a site to be responsive and enhanced some other features along the way.

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Muscle Up Paleo

We partnered with Next Level Meals to create a comprehensive solution to manage their meal delivery service.

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Vera Bradley's Jolly Holiday

We did the coding work for an advent calendar-styled app.

Swoon Reads
Swoon Reads

We worked on a massive site redesign and built an e-reader for the Web.

Open Source Projects

We release stuff that's helped us so hopefully it can help you. Also, we get more GitHub stars, which we love.

Django Report Builder

A GUI for Django ORM. Build custom queries and display results. Targets sys admins and capable end users who might not be able to program or gain direct interactive shell access.

Django Custom Field

Allow end users to create easy (but slower to work with) fields attached to any Django model. Includes support so fields show up in the admin interface and helper functions that make it easy to access any custom fields programmatically.

Django Mass Edit

Make bulk changes in the Django admin interface.

Django Simple Import

An import tool easy enough your users could use it. Django Simple Import aims to keep track of logs and user preferences in the database.

Wagtail Blog

A WordPress-like blog app implemented in Wagtail.

Nonprofit IT Consulting

We provide affordable IT management for your school or nonprofit.

Schooldriver (Django-SIS)

A full-featured, open-source school information system. Includes a wide range of pluggable apps to meet your school's needs.


Extensive student information, right at your fingertips. Also, store detailed parent/guardian contact information.


Courses, course sections, and student scheduling


Use our gradebook to monitor course grades for an additional $1,000/yr.

Work Study

Track student worker information, company information, work assignments, attendance, performance reviews, and more.


Track a student’s discipline information, including: infractions, actions to be taken, and the teacher who reported the infraction.


Take student attendance by homeroom or by class. Use accumulated data for powerful reporting.


Track student volunteer work, manage volunteer site information, and manage site supervisor information.


Create and keep a record of referral forms for teachers and student meetings for staff/counselors.


Keep track of applicants and where they are in the application process.


Keep track of graduated students, including where they attended college, if they’re on track to graduate, and any interactions with present school staff.