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Open Source Projects

At Burke Software, we love open source; it's what we're built on. So when we get a chance to release a project, we're happy to give back to a community of talented programmers who have given us so much. We have a number of projects freely available on GitHub for your benefit.

Django Report Builder

A GUI for Django ORM. Build custom queries and display results. Targets sys admins and capable end users who might not be able to program or gain direct interactive shell access.

Django Custom Field

Allow end users to create easy (but slower to work with) fields attached to any Django model. Includes support so fields show up in the admin interface and helper functions that make it easy to access any custom fields programmatically.

Django Mass Edit

Make bulk changes in the Django admin interface.

Django Simple Import

An import tool easy enough your users could use it. Django Simple Import aims to keep track of logs and user preferences in the database.

Wagtail Blog

A WordPress-like blog app implemented in Wagtail.