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Keep track of applicants and where they are in the application process. Each step in the application process can be customized to fit a school’s unique need. Users can designate steps that need to be completed before moving onto the next level. Additionally, track any open houses a student has attended and how the student heard about the school.

Add and Track Incoming Applicants

Easily add and store incoming applicants and all pertinent information. The applicants will be saved to a dashboard where users can then filter accordingly.

  • Know your applicant - Store all the data you would expect: Name, birth date, school, first contact, notes, income, SSN, sex, ethnicity, follow up date, religion, school year, email, siblings, country of birth, IEP, etc.
  • Know your applicant’s family - Attach detailed parent/guardian information to each applicant, including name and contact details
  • Record interactions - Record dates of any interactions with the applicant, including the availability to write notes and keep track of which staff member had the interaction.
  • Find your applicant - Useful filters provide many ways of sorting, such as: School year, level, ethnicity, present school, heard about, first contact and more.
  • Attachments - Upload any number of files (such as medical records/financial docs) to an applicant page in PDF or Word format.
  • Batch import - Import data stored in XLS, CVS, or ODS formats

Customize Admissions Levels

To accommodate your school, the admissions module is flexible in terms of adding/deleting/changing admissions steps. Staff may input any number of custom admissions levels, along with sub levels within each. This image shows a sample school that has 6 total admissions levels, with certain required steps along with a view of what the staff would then see.

Easily Create Reports

Quickly process statistics with a number of pre-made reports. Additionally, you can generate your own custom reports. One report shown here is called “Funnel.” It will process general admissions data by admission step for each year you designate.

Add Custom Fields to Applicants

Track and store custom data beyond what we provide by default. This is ideal if your school has  unique requirements or you would like to have more non-traditional type data, such as financial aid for private schools. This image shows an example of some custom fields added by a sample school.