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Keep track of graduated students, including where they attended college, if they’re on track to graduate, and any interactions with present school staff.

Keep track of your alumni

  • Store all relevant information - Update your alumni with the following information: College, on track to graduate, graduation date, status, program years, semesters, emails, phone numbers, withdrawals and notes.
  • Record interactions with alumni - Make notes and mark any instances where a staff member communicate with a student alumni.

Convert your seniors to alumni

You can create alumni manually, of course. However, when users transition to new school years and all students advance in grade levels, Django-sis can graduate the seniors and put them into the alumni module.

Other Features

  • Filtering - Sort alumni by different criteria.
  • Search - Find a particular alumnus quickly.
  • Import tool - Mass import past alumni.
  • Export tool - Export all alumni data into an Excel file.
  • Integration - Django-sis has a basic integration with National Student Clearinghouse.