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Take student attendance by homeroom or by class. Use accumulated data for powerful reporting.

Take Daily and Course Attendance

Homeroom teachers can take daily attendance to track which students came to school each day. Teachers can also take attendance on a course-by-course basis. Any attendance marking other than “Present” will be stored.

Staff can check in daily to see a list of teachers who have and have not submitted their attendance. They can also edit attendance records, if necessary.

View Individual Student Attendance Records

Select a student to view dates and reasons for all days that a student was marked absent/tardy/late/excused.

Leverage Attendance Data with Filtering and Reports

Schooldriver is prepackaged with a number of attendance reports. Staff can also generate attendance reports by student, aggregates, and date. Apply filters to get more specific data, such as an attendance report for a particular trimester.

Filtering options are available to use as well. Combine date filters and status filters, or use them individually. For example, look up tardy students for a particular month, or all students marked as Absent Excused.

All attendance data can be exported into an Excel file.

Generate Perfect Attendance Certificates

A specific example of the reporting capabilities mentioned above. Produce a Word document with a list of student names who have zero absences and tardies for the date range and/or year you set.