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Track a student’s discipline information, including: infractions, actions to be taken, and the teacher who reported the infraction. Generate and export to an Excel document for convenience and sharing.

Record an Incident

Teachers and other users with permission can record any disciplinary incidents. Record the teacher involved, the date, the student, details of the incident, actions to be taken, additional comments, and private notes. Most content will show on the student’s record, but the private notes will not.

Punishments are called discipline actions. Users can enter an action and quantity per discipline incident. For example, they could add two after-school detentions.

Access Incidents

When saved, all incidents are stored within the Discipline dashboard as well as the student’s individual record. Filtering options are available, and users can export all data from the discipline dashboard into an Excel file.


The Discipline module is pre-packaged with a number of discipline reports. Reports may be generated by student, aggregates, and date. Additionally, reports can have filters applied; for example, a user can generate an aggregate report for a particular infraction or action.