Products and Solutions


Use our gradebook to monitor course grades for an additional $1,000/yr.

Customized to work with your system

  • Store and calculate GPAs
  • Add comments along with each grading period's grade
  • Edit final grades manually
  • Apply weights to certain categories/departments. For example, when teachers create a new assignment for grading and select a category, Django-sis will know how to weigh that category. I.E. Major Assignments hold a 0.25 weight, Tests, 0.25, etc.

Third party integration

We integrate with the free online gradebook Engrade for an initial $500 setup fee. Enter grades on Engrade and then sync final grades into the Django-sis database. After that, the school can print out report cards or transcripts containing those synced final averages.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Use our editable templates to generate report cards and transcripts
  • Generate other unique reports, including: GPAs per year, Aggregated data on teachers/year, student failures by department, students with one or more incomplete courses, students with no incomplete courses, and more.
  • Apply filters to produce unique grade analytics.
  • Students and family members are able to log in to view current grades.