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Extensive student information, right at your fingertips. Also, store detailed parent/guardian contact information.

Store a wide array of student data

  • Most of the fields you need are in the system and ready to use: Full name, username, graduation date, birth date, picture, alert, sex, 'class of' year, unique ID, SSN, family language, alt email, notes, contacts, siblings, course enrollments, phone numbers, cohorts, files, health records, transcript notes, student awards.
  • Not enough? Create custom fields to fill in the gaps.
  • Django-sis's modules are all related, so data stored for a student in, say, the Discipline module will be added to all of the above fields. So, depending on what modules you choose to implement, admission, work study, grade, schedule, counseling, alumni, attendance, and disciplinary data can all be tied to one student in one place.

Access student information quickly and easily

Use the “Lookup Student” search bar at the very top of django-sis to find students and show all details about them that have ever been recorded. It is arranged in a way that's easy to scan and find information.

Powerful tools

  • Reports. Use our report builder to create reports that you can use for anything from a compiled discipline report of a group of students to a list of all of the seniors' birthdays.
  • Import students. Fill out an Excel spreadsheet and import. This is especially helpful for new installations of Django-sis, new schools, and new school years.
  • Export students. Export all student data into an Excel document.
  • Filtering options. Advanced filtering options available to do tasks like showing a list of active juniors.