Products and Solutions

Schooldriver (Django-SIS)

This is an open source school information system built with Django. It relies heavily on the django admin interface for backend usage (registrar, etc). Below you will find a list of apps included in the software with a brief description of each.

Schooldriver's end of life was August 2015. Click here for lessons learned.


Extensive student information, right at your fingertips. Also, store detailed parent/guardian contact information.


Courses, course sections, and student scheduling


Use our gradebook to monitor course grades for an additional $1,000/yr.

Work Study

Track student worker information, company information, work assignments, attendance, performance reviews, and more.


Track a student’s discipline information, including: infractions, actions to be taken, and the teacher who reported the infraction.


Take student attendance by homeroom or by class. Use accumulated data for powerful reporting.


Track student volunteer work, manage volunteer site information, and manage site supervisor information.


Create and keep a record of referral forms for teachers and student meetings for staff/counselors.


Keep track of applicants and where they are in the application process.


Keep track of graduated students, including where they attended college, if they’re on track to graduate, and any interactions with present school staff.